February Favorites – 2013

1. Miliani Liquid Eyeliner Pen – This Product turned out better than I thought it was going to. It gave me more control, so drawing the perfect winged eye was a breeze! Sometimes I even use it to outline the winged look and fill it in with a gel liner (I use M.A.C Blacktrack Fluidline) and an angled brush.

2. Pureology Serious Colour Care Super Smooth Shampoo – I noticed a MAJOR difference since I switched to this shampoo! My hair no longer feels straw-like or stringy! Not to mention, the color in my hair has seemed to stay put longer, instead of washing out with every shampoo! Pricey, but worth it!

3. Juice Plus Vitamins – I’ve actually been taking these for two months now, but since this is my first monthly favorites post, I’ve decided to include it! These vitamins have given me much needed energy along with all the nutrients of fruits and veggies on a daily basis! I believe it has also started to clear my skin. Although this is not 100% claimed, I still have noticed a dramatic difference. I usually take one fruit and one veggie capsule with my protein shake after a workout! http://www.juiceplus.com

4.Ronnie Red Lipstick from the M.A.C Archie’s Girls Collection – This lipstick is matte, but goes on surprisingly smooth. It’s not like most reds. For example, Charmed I’m Sure, from the Marilyon Monroe Collection is darker. Not only is Ronnie Red lighter, it has a little bit of pink color to it. It’s also great to wear as is! A lovely color for Spring. Yes, Spring!

Here’s a swatch of Ronnie Red. The packaging is too cute:


5. BH Cosmetics Day & Night Palette – First time ordering a palette from BH, and I have to say, I’ve VERY impressed with their eyeshadows! Not only does this palette have so many different colors, matte to shimmer, these shadows are pretty pigmented and blend with ease.

Here’s the BH Day & Night Palette:


Pink & Green Smokey Eye. My first look I tried with the BH Day & Night Palette:


– Jenna Lynn


letters to cleo!

I just got home from seeing Letters To Cleo @ The Paradise!

What can I say? This show rocked. I enjoyed it so much, that I don’t care that my right ear is ringing, and I can’t hear ANYTHING. It was so worth it!

Here’s some pictures I took. I was really close, but then again I was at The Paradise Rock Club. 😉

ltc1 ltc_22 ltc_31 ltc_32

Laura Marling.

Here’s another folk singer-songwriter who’s FANTASTIC! Laura Marling. (www.myspace.com/Lauramarling) Even though this girl is a mere 18 years of age she sings songs of love, lust, romance, and the pointlessness of religion. Her somewhat haunting, but amazing melodies will awe you, along with her lyrics that ooze of poeticism.

She’s folking amazing, right?! 😉

the paper raincoat!

So I had a fuuuuunnnn Saturday night. Took the Red Line to the Davis stop, and visited the very old Somerville Theater for an unbelievable performance from various artists. The concert was made possible by Club Passim.

Out of all the bands, The Paper Raincoat (www.myspace.com/thepaperraincoat) owned the night. And why did they rock? Because the talented Amber Rubarth is part of this new and interesting collaboration, which also includes Alex Wong and Kevin Rice. If you don’t know who Amber is, check her myspace out: http://www.myspace.com/amberrubarth You’ll enjoy every minute of her lighthearted lyrics!

Here’s some photos of tonight.

My younger sister and I…


The Paper Raincoat…


And a few videos I confiscated from you tube…Enjoy!

The Paper Raincoat – Sympathetic Vibrations

And here’s one of Amber Rubarth’s!

completely insane or big-hearted?

A few nights ago I realized my front left tire was noticeably flat. It was nothing serious I just needed air, so I decided to drive up to a gas station right up the street. I didn’t drive more than about 300ft when I saw something in the road…It was late so I didn’t worry too much about traffic, so I stopped. What was in the road you ask?! It was a cat chasing a goddamn mouse, in the MIDDLE of the goddang street. The poor cat wasn’t paying attention, and this worried me.

So crazy as I am, I jumped out of my car and proceeded to get this cat to the sidewalk. Of course the cat could give a shitless because it was fascinated by the rodent it was bating around. Every time I got the cat on the sidewalk the mouse would persuade the feline to go back out onto the road, (Almost getting hit by a truck, mind you) so as you can imagine this went on for a good few minutes. Now before you think I’m a nutty hardcore animal atavist, (I’m not) I’ll have you know that the cat looked just like my tabby cat living back home with my folks. But anywho…In the end I got the cat to chase that nasty-ass rodent into a fenced yard. At that point I felt comfortable enough to leave.

I’m not insane, right? I wanna say, GALLANT!

Who would want anything to happen to an animal as cute as this?!